During these uncertain times it’s easy to pause and just survive.
But what if you used this disturbance as a catalyst for much needed change?
There is a gift in every season, it’s time we unpacked yours!

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A Growth Walk involves you, your coach and the outdoors.  Many people find walking helps in processing and creative thinking.  A Growth Walk can include an actual phone call with your coach or a video in which your coach guides you through a process of discovery and resolution.  The magic of a video-guided Growth Walk happens when you find a place to quietly sit and write down your thoughts.  This step more than doubles the value of the session.  Therefore, before you walk it is important to think of your stopping point and have a way to record your thoughts. You can make notes on your phone, use the provided printable tool, or carry a small pencil and notebook in your pocket. 

Each journey begins with one step.
You have the ability to take that step, 
no matter how small or imperfect it is.

“Coaching with Birch Rise has been a tremendously valuable experience. Sarah has done a really great job of asking the right questions and providing material to help me rediscover my direction.

Jamin B.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner

Sarah Bultman is a life coach for individuals, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders.  She brings 20 years of experience working in the non-profit world. Sarah has studied at the ICF accredited, Christian Coach Institute where she received her Certified Professional Life Coach certification.


Sarah is a Certified Professional Life Coach through the
ICF accredited Christian Coach Institue.