DTS Guides


What if every DTS student went home and fully lived-out the life-change they experienced in their next environment?

What if they were planted well and their passion for Jesus truly spread?

With tens of thousands of DTS students graduating and every year what could that mean?

What if the key to that happening was a DTS Guide who walked with each student during lecture phase and for 3 months after graduation. 

Let’s work to see Jesus worshiped in every corner of the earth!

“If I didn’t have a DTS Guide walking with me, I would be very unsure of what to do next.
I feel called to be an Mission Aviation Fellowship Pilot. But I didn’t know how to get there. Without a DTS Guide I would have known the destination without knowing the journey”

Camron A. - YWAM North Cascades DTS Student

What is a DTS Guide?

A DTS Guide walks with a DTS student during their lecture phase, connects with them during debrief, and walks with them for 3 months after they graduate from their DTS.
DTS Guides use basic life-coaching tools and skills to help students find direction, make decisions, transition in a healthy way, and impact their next environment.