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Why Birch Rise?

The birch tree is called the pioneer tree. It is a symbol of new beginnings.
Birches are the first tree to grow after a natural disaster.
They can thrive in difficult places and their presence triggers reforestation.

As you push through the difficult aspects of your calling and begin to thrive
you will inspire hope and new life in those around you.  
As you rise you will be a catalyst for growth in others.

You were made to rise.

We believe your dreams were placed within you for a reason.
The gifts and talents you possess were meant to change the world.

We believe that your vision was meant to come alive and
you were made to thrive. 

What Coaching Does


–  It helps you clarify your most important goals.

–  It helps you clear away the fog in your current situation.

–  It helps you identify where you are stuck.

–  It helps you create a clear picture of your preferred future.

–  It helps you come up with strategies to outsmart your obstacles.

–  It helps you discover the motivation to move forward.

–  It challenges current perceptions about your abilities.

–  It helps you discover fresh ways of moving forward.   

–  It helps you create clear, actionable, and realistic steps to reach your long-term goals.

–  It offers you a partner with an unwavering belief in your ability to grow, change and achieve your dreams.

Coaching is not getting advice from a consultant or expert. It is not mentoring, counseling or therapy.


“With God all things are Possible!”