Have you lost motivation or feel purposeless at work? 

According to a Gallup’s study you’re not alone!  The majority of Americans are not engaged at work. When we lack motivation and purpose, life can feel dull or even depressing. 

Developing these 3 keys to loving your work, could create the difference you’re looking for! 

Whether your work is at home with the kids, you need to find a new job, or you are 30 years into your professional career, these 3 keys will help you feel a shift in motivation, purpose, and focus.

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“Coaching with Birch Rise has been a tremendously valuable experience. Sarah has done a really great job of asking the right questions and providing material to help me rediscover my direction.

Jamin B.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner



Sarah Bultman is a life coach for individuals, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders.  She brings 20 years of experience working in the non-profit world. Sarah has studied at the ICF accredited, Christian Coach Institute where she received her Certified Professional Life Coach certification.


Sarah is a Certified Professional Life Coach through the
ICF accredited Christian Coach Institue.